One Less Artist in August

Unfortunately Joshua Penrose, the artist who was going to come out and chat with us about Max/MSP and his work in new musical interfaces and interactive art installations was stranded in Morgantown, WV due to car trouble (complete thermal failure) and had to return to his home in Columbus, OH. Since I suck at Max/MSP […]


Boarduino Soldering Workshop 2

Heads up, we have a workshop coming up August 28th, details are below and you can register here In this beginner-to-intermediate workshop, you’ll learn to solder and do some simple prototyping by building your own Boarduino kit! The Boarduino ( is a clone of the popular Arduino ( It’s an inexpensive microcontroller that is a […]

Two Artists in August 2

As part of one of the mini-revivals that we like to do every once in awhile, a bunch of members sat down this week and finally put some workshops on the Calendar. We’ve got beginners soldering classes, a chance to meet a MakerBot, and a command-line boot camp, but I’m going to share a few […]

Its a fly trap

DIY Upcycle Fly Trap 1

When you are a poor member driven organization with a fly problem what are you gonna do? Hack together a fly trap! Materials: Soda Bottle – to create trap Vinegar – in this case an old bottle of white wine opened 6 months prior Soap – to reduce surface tension so flys drown faster Steps: […]


Dorkbot at the Node

This Wednesday Baltimore Dorkbot will be hosting digital artist Steven Silberg. Silberg’s work centers on the pixel, processing still and video imagery pixel by pixel into new forms. See his website for more information. Afterwards we’ll open up the group for folks that want to share projects that they’ve been working on. The meetup will […]

Betascape Pics and Write-Up via Harford Hackerspace

Betascape was this previous weekend and Harford Hackerspace was on hand with robots, lightning bug jars, and general awesomeness. We setup early Saturday morning between Baltimore Node and the First Lego League representatives. The day was spent forging various cardboard blades with crayons and stickers with various children blacksmiths quietly honing their craft. All in […]

Hackerspace Design Pattern: Workshop Barn Raising 1

File this under hackerspace design patterns. As a disclaimer, I’m not a leader or an organizer of people. I prefer to pick a direction and go with it and if people want to help out/come along, that’s cool. Since I took over as President of the Baltimore Node I’ve tried to not be pushy about […]

Cory Doctorow in Baltimore, June 27, 2010 2

Just so it’s fresh in your mind, at 3:00 PM on June 27 Cory Doctorow is going to be crashing Red Emma’s (the anarchist collective bookstore and coffeehouse here in Baltimore) for a reading from his latest book, For the Win, and discussion. Baltimore Node is co-sponsoring the event, which pretty much means talking about […]


Power Tool Drag Racing at Betascape 2

The Baltimore Node is organizing power tool drag racing for Betascape. Power tool drag racing is all about taking ordinary electric power tools and turning them into drag racers. This year’s race will be held during Artscape/Betascape July 17th and 18th. We are looking for drag racers. Please contact to let us know you […]