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Digital Harbor Foundation – Digital Fabrication Challenge 1

The Digital Harbor foundation STEM Core Challenge is a competition which celebrates the Engineering Design skills of Baltimore high school students. Six teams have participated to learn the basics of digital fabrication and the Engineering Design Process. Their challenge was to create a wearable product, that is worn or used as an accessory. The teams […]

Hack Friday, November 25th @ noon

Hey Y’all, Why spoil your Thanksgiving vacation on hunting for Black Friday deals, when you can make!?! We will celebrate Baltimore Node’s first Hack Friday on November 25th. We will start around noon, and hang out until people get tired. Bring your projects, or start a new one. Hope to see you there! –Amy

This Saturday: Node MakerBot Users Group hosts the Baltimore/DC Area RepRap Users Group!

Apologies for the late notice!  This has been in the Node calendar for awhile, but I failed to send out an announcement. This Saturday, March 26th starting at 2pm, the Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group (Node MUG) will be hosting a meeting of the Baltimore/DC RepRap Users Group. Hot on the heels of the first MakerBot […]

Announcing the Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group (MUG)

MakerBot has issued a challenge to MakerBot users: get together in a group and get free stuff! The rules for this first challenge are simple: create a mailing list, meet in person, photograph 2 or more bots together and post them online, then send the results to! The first part of this is done: Baltimore Node MakerBot […]

And the people used Vim 1

Just got done with the second workshop in my thrilling “Linux For People” bi-fecta, “Using the Hell Out of Vim”. Thanks to all who came out, it was good to see brand new faces out at the space along with the regulars. Hopefully there was no boredom, only the awesome intake of Vim knowledge that […]

Intro to the Command Line 1

Posting the materials from our “Intro to the Command Line” class. A slideshow: “Intro to the Command Line” And a document version (with fewer sweet graphics). If you couldn’t make it this time and would like to attend at some point in the future, contact me or post to the mailing list with the times […]